Umpire Coaching

Umpire coaching


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Hockey Australia’s Umpire Coach courses operate within the Australian Sports Commission’s National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NAOS).

Hockey Australia, together with our State and Territory Associations, recognises that quality officiating has a significant influence upon players and their hockey experience, hence the recommendation for all umpire coaches to be accredited at an appropriate level.

The Pathway
The three Umpire Coach accreditations are:
* Level 1
* Level 2
* Level 3

* Level 1 – Level 2 Umpire
* Level 2 – Level 1 Umpire Coach, Minimum Level 2 Umpire or Umpire Coaching experience in state/territory
* Level 3 – Level 2 Umpire Coach, Minimum Australian Umpire or Umpire Coaching experience at National Championship Level (incl. Under-Age)

Please contact your local State/Territory Association regarding the Level 1 Umpire Coach course and contact Hockey Australia regarding Level 2 and 3 courses.

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