General Resources

VIDEO: 2016 Rio Olympics Umpire Briefing Video – view here (looks at high level management, penalty consistency and umpire preparation)

2017 RULE UPDATE: Document released by FIH advising/talking through rule changes for 2017 – download here



Selection Policy – coming soon
The Selection Policy provides selection guidelines for officials to Australian Championships.

Travel Policy
The Travel Policy provides travel and accommodation guidelines for officials at Australian Championships.

Umpire Briefing
Developed for Umpires Managers, coaches, coordinators, umpires and players alike to aid understanding of the Rules of Hockey. Essential reading for all those attending an Australian Championship.

Play the Whistle Pack
Play the Whistle is an initiative to encourage competing hockey teams, team officials and spectator groups to play in the true spirit of the game. The spirit of the game encompasses demonstrating behaviours that are outlined in the codes of behaviour.

FIH Umpire Fitness Training Manual
As a hockey umpire it is essential to have high levels of fitness in order to keep up with play and make correct umpiring decisions. This becomes particularly important during a tournament scenario where umpires may be involved in multiple matches over a short period of time with only minimal recovery between matches. This Fitness Training Manual is a useful resource for any umpire.

FIH Rules of Hockey Video Archive
This is a joint project between the FIH Umpiring Committee and Hockey Rules Board. The objective of the Video Library is to provide a collection of video clips which demonstrate the Rules of Hockey and their current interpretations. Updated Regularly.

Claim Form – Complete first 2 sections only

ATO Hobby Form

Umpire Performance Feedback Form


Hockey Australia Operations Manual – June 2015

Summary of Championship Document Changes – 2017

Attachment A – Match Schedule Format – 2019
Attachment B – Venue and Hosting Requirements (N/A 2017 – Refer Specific Hosting Agreement)
Attachment C1 – HA Tournament Regulations (Outdoor Updated March 2019)
Attachment C1 – HA Tournament Regulations – Under 21 Championships 2019
Attachment C1 – HA Tournament Regulations – Australian Country Championships 2019
Attachment C1 – HA Tournament Regulations – Women’s Masters Championships 2019 (Updated AUG 2019)
Attachment C2 – HA Tournament Regulations (Indoor Updated Jan. 2020)

Attachment D1 – Code of Conduct Summary
Attachment D2 – Players Code of Conduct
Attachment D3 – Team Official Code of Conduct
Attachment D4 – Officials Code of Conduct
Attachment E – Australian Championship Participant Data – 2020 Use
Attachment E – Masters Indoor Challenge 2020 Use
Attachment F – Transfer Form
Attachment G1 – Tournament Directors Report
Attachment G2 – Umpires Manager Responsibilities
Attachment G3 – Umpires Manager Report
Attachment G4 – Umpires Manager Rating Report
Attachment G5 – Umpire Performance Report
Attachment G6 – Technical Official Feedback Report
Attachment H  – Technical Responsibilities
Attachment H1 – Tournament Director Briefing Technical Checklist
Attachment I – Drug Control Area
Attachment M – Shootout Form – 2019
Attachment N1 – Major Medical Incident Report
Attachment N2 – Team Injury Summary
Attachment O – Guidelines for Ball Persons
Attachment Q – Under 21 Import Process (2019)
Attachment R – General Information Sheet (Online form in 2020 – now open)
Attachment S – Player of the Tournament Voting
Attachment V – Women’s Masters Australian Championship 2019
Attachment W – HA Country Championships May 2016
Attachment X – Communications and Media
Attachment Y – Men’s Masters Australian Championship Rules/Regs Current

Team Managers Guide to Player and Starting Line Up Management on AltiusRT 
Technical Official Note Sheet (Scratch Sheet)