Practice Hockey At Home

There are plenty of simple ways to keep your hockey skills sharp while you are at home. These short videos show how you can use items around the house and minimal space to practise hockey at home. Videos are released each Tuesday and Thursday.

1. Goalkeeping drills with Tyler Lovell

The very first #HockeyAtHome series features Kookaburras goalkeeper Tyler Lovell demonstrating a few easy to do reflex/movement drills with some quality household improvising.

2. The ‘Yard Stick’ drill with Nathan Ephraums

This Practice Hockey at Home video comes from Kookaburras forward Nathan Ephraums, and is a drill he filmed for his local club Southern United that you can do practically anywhere.

Click here to download the instruction sheet for this drill

3. Left to right V drag and jink into space with Tim Brand

Tim Brand provides a slight variation to one of the skills Kookaburras teammate Tom Craig showed us in his Hockey At Home Clinic. Not complex but really effective!

4. Easter special with Rosie Malone

Check out this must watch, egg-cellent #HockeyatHome video created by Hockeyroo Rosie Malone.

5. Confined space training with Karri McMahon

Hockeyroos defender Karri McMahon shows three basic skills drills you can do in a confined space that you can do inside or outside as part of your #HockeyatHome practice.

6. Overhead practice with Matt Dawson

Time for some #HockeyatHome overhead practice with Kookaburras defender Matt Dawson. If you can get outside give it a go or you can flick a tennis ball and catch the rebound. Matt’s hot tip – make sure you bend your back leg.

7. Indoor skills with Lachie Sharp

Kookaburras midfielder Lachie Sharp has a simple drill you can do inside/outside, with a hockey/tennis ball using any props you want. See what variations you can come up with & how many side to sides you can do in 30 seconds.

8. Tricks challenge with Jake Harvie

This Practice #HockeyAtHome consists of a little tricks session from Kookaburras defender Jake Harvie. Steer clear of cars & windows (pets can be included for added difficulty).

9. Agility drill with Grace Stewart

Stop what you’re doing and try this great little #HockeyAtHome agility drill brought to you by the Hockeyroos’ own Grace Stewart.

10. Hand-eye co-ordination with Flynn Ogilvie

This Practice #HockeyAtHome drill comes from Kookaburras midfielder Flynn Ogilvie to help your hand-eye coordination. All you need is your hockey stick, a ball & someone to throw it to you.

11. Skills session with Greta Hayes

Here’s a great little home skills session from Hockeyroos midfielder Greta Hayes – 50 quick fast drags & 50 aerial skill juggles, 50 left-handed drags & 50 aerial skill juggles, 50 big long drags & 50 aerial skill juggles. Enjoy!

12. Obstacle course with Jake Whetton

Shoes, weights, a kids sand bucket. Check out Kookaburras midfielder Jake Whetton’s #HockeyatHome obstacle course. How creative and challenging is yours?

13. Indoor training with Kurt Lovett

In this Practice #HockeyAtHome, Kookaburras forward Kurt Lovett has a few easy drills you can do anywhere (even in your back shed). With the resumption of training getting closer, there’s every reason to get your stick out and have a go. #PrideOfTheKookas

14. Kids drills with Anthony Potter

One for the kids! Kookaburras Assistant Coach Anthony Potter, with help from his daughters, shows some basic drills junior players (or anyone) can practice during #HockeyatHome.