Technical Officiating Level 2

Who should become a Level 2 Technical Official?


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Take the next step in your technical officiating career. Find out more about the Level 3 qualification.

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The Level 2 Technical Official program is designed designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to perform the duties of Technical Officer at state and Australian championships.

Minimum requirements to undertake Level 2 Technical Official qualification?
Level 1 Technical Official experience in state competition

How to get the qualification
There are four easy steps to gain your Level 2 Technical Official accreditation.

1. Visit the HockeyEd site and log into your account. If you are new to HockeyEd, you can create an account by filling in a few of your details.

2. Once logged-in, you can register for the Level 2 Technical Official Accreditation ($50, payable through PayPal) by clicking on Technical Official, then Level 2 Technical Official. Here you can view the competencies and practical assessment checklist.
Please note that if you have an Umpiring accreditation, your technical official accreditation is free of charge. Please contact the Participation Coordinator for more information.

3. Attend a training course conducted by your State/Territory Association.

4. Finally, you download the practical competency checklist and organise with your local HockeyEd Coordinator to have you practically evaluated at an intra-state or Australian Championship.

Find a course
Contact your local state/territory HockeyEd Coordinator for your nearest course.

Career next step
If you are interested in learning the skills to perform the role of a Tournament Director at State and Australian Championships, please visit the Level 3 Technical Official page.