Off The Pitch Sunday

Every Sunday we will delve into what Hockeyroos and Kookaburras athletes enjoy doing off the field and how they like to enjoy their Sundays and down time away from the pitch, including some hidden talents. New videos will be posted every Sunday at 7pm AEST.

1. Off The Pitch with Jane Claxton

Sundays on #HockeyAtHome are all about delving into what Australia’s best hockey players get up to off the field. So grab yourself a hot drink, throw on a robe and find out what Jane Claxton’s Sundays comprise of and also what she does in her off-field profession.

2. Off The Pitch with Tyler Lovell

In this instalment ‘Off The Pitch Sunday’, Kookaburras goalkeeper Tyler Lovell shows his skills go beyond the hockey field and into the kitchen as he shows us an easy slow cooker special. Bon appétit!

3. Off The Pitch with Laura Barden

When she’s not on the hockey field, Hockeyroo Laura Barden loves being in the kitchen. In this #HockeyatHome Off the Pitch Sunday, Laura shows how to make your own granola. Who needs Master Chef!

4. Off The Pitch with Rosie Malone

Laura Barden scones, a beach walk, a run, a home workout…and that’s just the half of it. Hockeyroos midfielder Rosie Malone takes us through her current Off the Pitch Sundays.


5. Off the Pitch with Rachael Lynch

We know she’s an outstanding goalkeeper but in this #HockeyAtHome ‘Off the Pitch Sunday’ Rachael Lynch shows she also enjoys being on two wheels.


6. Off the Pitch with Edwina Bone

In this week’s Off the Pitch Sunday, Hockeyroos defender Edwina Bone recently rediscovered and enjoyed one of her favourite pastimes with friend and Canberra Chill teammate Naomi Evans. Can rollerblade!