Kookas duo ‘step up’ for Clean Up Australia Day

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Flynn Ogilvie and Matt Swann are hoping that by rolling their sleeves up and leading by example in the war on waste will encourage others to do the same.

Both passionate about the environment, the Kookaburras duo did not hesitate when given the opportunity to join others from their local community on Sunday 1 March to pick up rubbish as part of Clean Up Australia Day, which is the largest community-based environmental event in Australia and this year celebrated its 30-year anniversary.

Click here to watch the short video of Ogilvie taking part in #CleanUpAustralia Day.

Ogilvie recognised the importance of supporting local community environmental efforts in a time when the environment is in desperate need for positive action.

“I started reading and watching a lot of stuff on the environmental issues and waste issues around the world, and this year the AIS gave me an opportunity to get involved with the Clean Up Australia Day initiative, and I thought it would be a good thing to get involved in,” said Ogilvie.

“Wanting to be involved in Clean Up Australia Day doesn’t have much to do with my sporting endeavours, more to do with becoming more educated around the health of our environment and the impact we have on it.”

Taking time out of their busy schedules, which sees them balance training and work life, Ogilvie and Swann were keen to play a part in Clean Up Australia’s campaign to teach the younger generations about community action and the positive changes they can make for the environment every day.

“Growing up playing sport, I got to be outside a lot with minimal impact from waste or litter. We need to change our ways if we want to be able to provide clean and healthy outdoor areas for generations to come,” said Ogilvie.

The Kookaburras midfielders were among a number of top Australian athletes who participated in this year’s Clean Up Australia Day activities.

The initiative was supported by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) who are committed to providing opportunities for athletes to engage with and contribute back to the community.

AIS Director Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Matti Clements, said it was fantastic to have two of the Kookaburras join the worthy cause.

“Australian high performance athletes are great role models for our local communities and we are thrilled to have two of the Kookaburras putting their hand up to help a great cause like Clean Up Australia Day,” said Clements.

“The values of our athletes make them great all round citizens and is the reason so many Australians can connect with them.

“Working with Hockey Australia we are pleased to see that Matt and Flynn have given up their time to help Clean Up Australia mark a significant milestone of 30 years of making positive change in local communities. We hope our athletes too will inspire the next generation to make their mark.”

Welcoming Australian high performance athletes’ participation to the event, Clean Up Australia Chairman, Pip Kiernan, explained: “What started thirty years ago by my father has grown into a powerful grassroots movement and we’re excited to continue to inspire and empower individuals and communities to take positive steps that make a difference – not just on Clean Up Australia Day but all year round.”

So next time you see any litter or rubbish on the ground, think of what Flynn and Swanny would do and find a bin to put it in.

For more information on Clean Up Australia Day, including how you can be part of it in 2021, visit www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au