Hockeyroos quartet take on Push Up Challenge for mental health

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Performing one push up is hard enough at the best of times but what if you were faced with the prospect of doing 3,046 in the space of three weeks! Four Hockeyroos are teaming up to do just that to raise funds and awareness for mental health.

Edwina Bone, Renee Taylor, Rachael Lynch and Laura Barden are currently attempting to complete The Push Up Challenge, which started on 11 May.

CLICK HERE to donate to the cause through the Hockeyroos quartet’s fundraising team.

Every day, each individual or team taking part in the challenge is required to get through a certain number of push ups, each day’s number signifying a different statistic to do with mental health in Australia.

The total of 3,046 represents the number of lives lost in Australia to suicide in 2018, a figure that shocked Bone and moved her to wrangle her three team mates to join her for the challenge.

“Especially during this time, it is key to have more awareness of not just our own mental health, but also of those around you,” said Bone.

“The Push Up Challenge is a way to motivate people to be active and also remind us to reach out to family and friends to see how they are going in these times of change. I appreciate my teammates’ help and support because without it my arms would’ve failed me by now.”

As well as doing her share of the push ups, Taylor is also attempting to complete the entire total herself.

“I quite enjoy doing push ups so I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could complete the 3,046 in 21 days,” said Taylor.

“It’s also raising awareness for mental health with each day’s push up total relating to a mental health statistic.

“Getting a team together who can help support you through something tough and challenging is also really good.”

Mental health awareness is a cause close to Lynch’s heart. The 2019 FIH Goalkeeper of the Year and qualified nurse is a Lifeline Community Custodian and also an ambassador for suicide prevention charity, R U OK.

“The push up challenge is not only an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves physically and mentally but also to raise some awareness around mental health,” said Lynch.

“I’m glad I have my team mates alongside me but I’m looking forward to the daily grind of pumping out big numbers of push ups.”

When Bone reached out to Barden to see if she would be interested in being involved, the Victorian was only too happy to oblige.

“3,046 is a scary number, a shocking statistic for those who lose their life every year to suicide, and is why this challenge is great way to raise awareness and promote the importance of mental health,” said Barden.

“It’s also a number that I’m not sure my arms can handle alone… so I’m grateful I’ve my got my team to help push me through.”

CLICK HERE to donate. All funds raised from The Push Up Challenge go to headspace.