Hockey equipment making a difference to PNG community

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A shipment of hockey equipment sent from Australia to Hockey Papua New Guinea has been appreciatively received by the local community.

Hockey Australia donated 40 Hookin2Hockey packs to PNG Hockey in support of the Oceania Hockey Federation’s (OHF) aim to promote physical activity, inclusive participation and health through hockey in the region.

“We are really pleased that we are able to provide assistance and support in this way to Hockey in Papua New Guinea,” said Hockey Australia CEO Matt Favier.

“Part of our responsibility and duty is to grow the game not only domestically but to our Oceania neighbours, including PNG, so it is great to know the provision of these HookIn2Hockey packs has made a positive impact.”

“As a broader commitment, Hockey Australia will endeavour to continue providing gear in addition to the 200 packs being donated across 2019/20.”

OHF is working with Hockey Australia (including Masters), Papua New Guinea Hockey Federation, Aspire to be Deadly (Cairns Hockey Association), Family Planning (and their ‘in country’ service providers) and Flinders University to develop a collaborative approach that aims to better support the PNG community to ‘ Hookin4Health’ and to ‘live well; learn well; lead well’.

“OHF is extremely grateful for the first allocation of hockey gear from Hockey Australia and is excited about future partnerships to better support sustainable development in targeted Pacific Nations,” said OHF President Clare Prideaux.

“As a part of ‘Hookin4Health’ OHF will be empowering local communities to deliver ‘locally designed’ hockey based programs. We aim to support a greater number of females and people with disabilities to participate more easily, with integrated education and health services forming part of our hockey programs. Accessing age and ability appropriate gear and freighting it to local regions is a key component of the program.”

“The equipment donated has been of significant benefit to the local people, and plenty more is needed, especially for school programs.”

On their visit, Prideaux and OHF Continental Development Officer, Gill Gemming spent two days delivering coach and umpire workshops that included sessions with local kids.

Notably, 58 participants, inclusive of men and women, from various PNG regions gained their FIH L1 Coaching Certificate and FIH L1 Foundation Umpire as a part of OHF facilitated sessions, while Gemming continued her outstanding work in the region coordinating sessions to build the capability of local teachers, coaches, umpires and officials.

PNG Hockey Federation also hosted an inclusive and skillful Hockey 5’s competition on their impressive water based synthetic pitch in Port Moresby that catered for over 100 able bodied and disabled women, men and children.