Jobs in Hockey

Jobs in Hockey

Welcome to the Jobs in Hockey page. The hockey industry in Australia offers careers in coaching, development, administration, volunteering, playing, sports science and sports medicine, and more.

Searching for a job
Thanks to our relationship with specialist recruitment agent Recruitment 4 Hockey, you can search for a role in Australian hockey with ease. Simply use the drop down menus in the window below to filter opportunities by state, city and area of expertise or browse the full list of opportunities in Australia.

Posting a job
Hockey clubs, associations, schools and hockey-related organisations can post their vacancies by clicking on the ‘Post My Hockey Job’ button in the window below. Advertisements will appear on both the Hockey Australia and Recruitment 4 Hockey websites.

Thanks to the relationship between Hockey Australia and Recruitment 4 Hockey, organisations posting jobs via the website link will benefit from excellent savings through the following recruitment packages.

Volunteer Jobs – No charge
Roles where there is no salary, wage or remuneration offered

Australian Community Jobs – No charge
Generally seasonal roles with a salary, wage or remuneration of between $1-$15,000

Australian Standard Jobs – $100 + GST
Full-time, part-time, contract or casual jobs with a salary, wages or remuneration above $15,000

All fees are payable to Recruitment 4 Hockey. Hockey Australia does not take any fees for this service.

Click on the link below to see current jobs