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Since 1922 more than 400 men have represented Australian in a competitive international fixture. Thanks largely to the work of the Hockey History Project, this page brings you a series of historical statistics and information about the Kookaburras, including the full list of representatives by player number and the list of players to have made 200 appearances or more for Australia.

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Most capped players

Eddie Ockenden
366 appearances (2006-)
Jamie Dwyer
365 appearances (2001-2016)

Most decorated player
Jamie Dwyer
1x Olympic gold medal (’04)
2x Olympic bronze medals (’08, ’12)
2x World Cup gold medals (’14, ’10)
2x World Cup silver medals (’06, ’02)
3x Commonwealth Games gold medals (’02, ‘06’ ’10)
6x Champions Trophy gold medals (’05, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12)
3x Champions Trophy silver medals (’01, ’03, ’07)

Longest career span (time between debut and last appearance)
Ric Charlesworth (1972-1988)

Athletes to have made 200+ appearances

*Eddie Ockenden (366 appearances, 71 goals)
Jamie Dwyer (365 appearances, 243 goals)
Mark Knowles (324 appearances, 30 goals)
Jay Stacy (321 appearances, 172 goals)
Brent Livermore (317 appearances, 29 goals)
Liam De Young (312 appearances, 35 goals)
Michael York (281 appearances, 10 goals)
Stephen Davies (274 appearances, 140 goals)
Robert Hammond (256 appearances, 28 goals)
Matthew Wells (242 appearances, 22 goals)
Paul Gaudoin (234 appearances, 27 goals)
Mark Hager (231 appearances, 179 goals)
Ric Charlesworth (227 appearances, 85 goals)
Ken Wark (214 appearances, 5 goals)
Bevan George (208 appearances, 13 goals)
Paul Lewis (207 appearances, 74 goals)
*Matthew Swann (204 appearances, 7 goals)
*Jake Whetton (203 appearances, 64 goals)
Dean Butler (203 appearances, 14 goals)
David Wansbrough (202 appearances, 34 goals)
Warren Birmingham (200 appearances, 44 goals)

*Current player. As at 10/03/20.