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Since 1914 more than 470 women have represented Australian in a competitive international fixture. Thanks largely to the work of the Hockey History Project, this page brings you a series of historical statistics and information about the Hockeyroos, including the full list of representatives by player number and the list of players to have made 200 appearances or more for Australia.

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Most capped player
Madonna Blyth (pictured above)
342 appearances (2004 – 2016)

Most decorated player
Rechelle Hawkes
3x Olympic gold medals (’88, ’96, ’00)
2x World Cup gold medals (’94. ’98)
1x World Cup silver medal (’90)
1x Commonwealth Games gold medal (’98)
5x Champions Trophy gold medals (’91, ’93, ’95, ’97, ’99)
2x Champions Trophy silver medals (’87, ’89)
1x Champions Trophy bronze medal (’00)

Longest career span (time between debut and last appearance)
Rechelle Hawkes (1985-2000)
Nikki Hudson (1993-2008)

Athletes to have made 200+ appearances
Madonna Blyth (342 appearances, 70 goals)
Nikki Hudson (303 appearances, 99 goals)
Rechelle Hawkes (279 appearances, 49 goals)
Karen Smith (271 appearances, 48 goals)
Casey Sablowski (née Eastham) (258 appearances, 48 goals)
Katrina Powell (252 appearances, 141 goals)
*Emily Chalker (née Smith) (244 appearances, 83 goals)
*Jodie Kenny (235 appearances, 111 goals)
Lisa Carruthers (230 appearances, 28 goals)
Louise Dobson (230 appearances, 58 goals)
Angie Lambert (229 appearances, 49 goals)
Alyson Annan (228 appearances, 166 goals)
Melanie Twitt (225 appearances, 4 goals)
*Rachael Lynch (223 appearances, 0 goals)
Alison Peek (222 appearances, 6 goals)
Teneal Attard (221 appearances, 10 goals)
Kate Starre (220 appearances, 14 goals)
Juliet Haslam (220 appearances, 35 goals)
Nicole Arrold (215 appearances, 45 goals)
Rachel Imison (207 appearances, 0 goals)
Ashleigh Nelson (205 appearances, 69 goals)
Georgia Nanscawen (205 appearances, 37 goals)
Megan Rivers (203 appearances, 42 goals)
*Edwina Bone (202 appearances, 5 goals)

*Active player as at 10/03/20