Dwyer’s heartfelt gesture to help with bushfire disaster

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Australian hockey legend Jamie Dwyer will part ways with two valued items from his decorated career to encourage people to dig deep and help raise funds for the bushfire relief.

Like much of the population who have watched on as bushfires have caused havoc across the country, Dwyer could not just sit idly by and do nothing.

One only needed to watch Dwyer in any of his 365 matches for the Kookaburras to know how much it meant to him and how proud he was to represent his country.

It is this national pride combined with the raw natural human reaction to seeing tragedy unfolding to people, wildlife and property that led arguably Australia’s greatest hockey player to give away two of his most treasured pieces of memorabilia to the cause.

Dwyer has pledged that anyone who donates to the Red Cross through his JustGiving page will go into the draw to win his signed playing shirt and stick from the 2016 Rio Olympics, the last major tournament he played in for the Kookaburras.

Dwyer said watching the devastation the fires have left on so many that it was impossible not to act.

“I don’t know anyone personally who has been affected that I know of, but I think this is the right thing to do,” said Dwyer on his decision to offer up his Rio 2016 playing top and stick.

“Something that has shocked me are how big these fires actually are and how many people and wildlife have been affected. Then on top of that the amazing number of firefighters, emergency service crew and volunteers who are helping.

“I feel very proud to be an Australian and love everything about this country so it doesn’t feel right to sit here and do nothing, so I thought I’d just try to play my part and get the hockey world to throw in whatever they can to help the tragic situation that is happening at the moment.”

The unique thing about Dwyer’s contribution is that his reach and popularity is not limited to Australia but goes across the world, and he is hopeful the generosity and compassion of people to give to Red Cross will come from all corners of the globe.

Dwyer has been buoyed by seeing what other sportspeople have given up and donated for the national crisis and he is only too happy to add to what has already been raised.

“The response has been amazing. People like Shane Warne auctioning his baggy green, well know Australian actors donating a lot of money coupled with what a lot of sportspeople, celebrities, comedians and others are doing…everyone is doing their bit which is good and the advantage of social media is that you can easily get the word out there for people to help,” said Dwyer.

“I can’t contribute the amount or extent of what some other people and organisations are donating, but to be able to do what I can hopefully makes a difference and the hockey family aware of what is going on and aware of how they can help.”

With no shortage of organisations and charities to choose from, Dwyer believes the Red Cross are as good as any but urged people to give to whomever as every dollar counts.

“Red Cross have been a highly regarded and well renowned aid organisation for a long time so my wife and I thought that was the best cause to give to,” said Dwyer.

“There are plenty of worthy organisations out there to donate to but we just decided to go with the Red Cross.”

To donate and go into the draw to win Dwyer’s 2016 Rio Olympics playing shirt and hockey stick, click here.

Furthermore, Hockey Australia is auctioning off a number of limited edition, unique Jamie Dwyer personally signed frames with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. For details and to bid click here.