Level 2 Coach

What is involved in becoming a Level 2 Coach?


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The Level 2 Coach program is designed to train coaches in the essential concepts of coaching, including planning and conducting training sessions, match-day role, hockey skills and tactics, playing styles and structures, junior development, communication, risk management, and ethical responsibilities.

It is a comprehensive training program involving seminars, pre- and post-seminar requirements, and a practical assessment.

Who should become a Level 2 Coach?
The program is directed towards coaches involved in the higher levels of club, school or representative hockey.

How to get the qualification
Candidates for the Level 2 Coach qualification must hold a valid Level 1 Coach qualification.

1. View Competencies – To gain a Level 2 Coach accreditation you must be able to demonstrate the required competencies.

2. Register Here – Register for an account on our learning platform HockeyEd.

3. Visit your HockeyEd Membership Login – Please enter your HockeyEd Membership username and password to access this secure section, which contains online benefits and the Level 2 Coach program participant pack. Note that your login also allows you access to all HockeyEd coaching secure pages below this level.

4. Start Level 2 Coach – This requires a HockeyEd account. There is a registration fee of $50 to complete the Level 2 Coach program.

Pre- and post-seminar requirements are outlined on the Membership page. Click on the HockeyEd membership login link above and use your username and password to access this secure section.

There are four presentations in the Level 2 course as listed below. Only ‘Manage Self’ is presented on-course at the same time as the practical component. The other three presentations should be completed online. A short test follows each.

The seminars cover four modules:

  • Manage Self (on-course)
  • Manage Athletes (online)
  • Manage Others (online)
  • Manage Environment (online)

The practical assessment requires the coach to attend a two-day practical session course as well as demonstrate the competencies outlined on the practical competency checklist during a maximum of two training sessions and two hockey matches. Evidence of competencies needs to be shown at the higher levels of club, school or representative hockey as a minimum.

Further assistance
Please contact the HockeyEd coordinator at your local state/territory association if you have any questions regarding the Level 2 Coach training program.