2020 Membership and Insurance Levies

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Hockey Australia is pleased to announce the finalisation of the 2020 Membership and Insurance Levies for 2020.

“I am pleased to be in a position to confirm that we have been able to keep the 2020 Hockey Australia membership and insurance levies at a similar level to 2019,” said Hockey Australia CEO, Matt Favier.

“Only a very small increase of $1.00 for seniors and $1.50 for juniors will be applied across the combined membership and insurance levies for season 2020 which is a great outcome for players. We are very mindful of providing value to members and at the same time endeavouring to ensure national federation fees remain reasonable.”

This announcement coincides with Hockey Australia’s recent news of a new insurance partnership with Honan where a range of enhanced benefits to all members will be provided at no new cost including:

  • A range of improved Personal Accident, Public Liability and Management Liability coverages;
  • Enhanced capital benefits coverage of $250k up from $75k;
  • Quadriplegia and paraplegia coverage of $500k for all participants.

The Hockey Australia Membership Levy for 2020 is:

  • Senior Levy (applicable to players 19 and over): $28.50 (includes GST)
  • Junior Levy (applicable players 9 – 18 years of age*): $17.10 (includes GST)
    *Consistent with 2018 and 2019, players under the age of 9 will not be required to pay the Hockey Australia levy.

The National Player Insurance Levy for 2020 is:

  • $12.00 (includes GST)
    This represents no increase to players from 2019

2020 Membership Levy and Insurance breakdown:

2020 Hockey Australia Member Levy and Insurance Breakdown (includes GST)
HA Levy
Insurance Levy
(incl admin charges)
HA Levy
Insurance Levy
(incl admin charges)
Senior (19 and over) $28.03 $12.00 $42.00 $28.50 $12.00 $43.00
Junior (9-18) $16.82 $12.00 $30.00 $17.10 $12.00 $31.50

A revised member levy model was implemented in 2018 in an effort to address several important areas for the future of the game including:

  • Engage recreational hockey consumers to grow participation of the game, including through new game formats;
  • Drive sport entertainment events that capture the nation’s imagination and raises awareness of the game. These include the introduction of the Pro League, a revitalised Australian Hockey League and other events;
  • Unlock “One Hockey” with all state and territory bodies working together to deliver efficient, relevant and streamlined services across Australia;
  • Become digitally agile with contemporary digital assets that give players, spectators and partners instant access to relevant and engaging content.

“The member levy will continue to be prioritised towards these four key areas in 2020. In January, we will be releasing a progress report to provide an update to the hockey community,” said Favier.

Background: In 2017, the Hockey Australia member levy model was benchmarked against other peer sports and was recalibrated from 2018 onwards. The current model is set for three years with annual CPI increases being applied from 2019. A review of the Hockey Australia membership levy will be conducted in 2020 with a view to determining the model and framework for 2021 onwards.

2020 Membership and Insurance Levy FAQ’s